I know I always talk about how fabulous my clients are. But my clients are fabulous. I can’t help but talk about it :) I can honestly tell this same story a thousand times. We meet. I love them. We solve all the worlds issues. I cannot wait for their wedding. Wedding day comes and its as awesome as I thought it would be. We become friends. These two are no exception. However, there is one thing I should’ve done, asked about Andy’s sense of direction (or not so much sense of direction) before getting in a car with them and driving a very long way to a place that was suppose to be ‘just up the road’. Okay, I did agree with him that it was that way and it was two against one (sorry Kate) so we went that way. Once we arrived a massive storm hit, so we took one photo. We then bitched and moaned about the dam the slow and long drive back through the pouring rain. But it was still wonderful. Every bit. Enjoy the images of Kate and Andy getting hitched on top of a hill! (Thanks to Peta from Can’t.Stop.Staring photography for second shooting with me)




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