I want to show these beautiful humans and their amazing wedding, even if it is nearly two years since it happened. I have adored this woman since the moment she was born so it was such a privilege to document her wedding (but lets forget how old that makes me feel!). I photographed this wedding 37 weeks pregnant and her sisters wedding when I was 40 weeks pregnant many moon ago. When her other sisters get married I do plan on breaking the tradition of being pregnant :) It rained and rained right up until a couple of hours before we were to start photographing. I kept saying it is what it is and whatever it is its going to be beautiful. Its about the whole experience. Georgia agreed. She was a good sport and jumped fences and got a dirty dress all before the ceremony. The sun came out and the clouds formed the most amazing shape around Mt Warning for the ceremony. It started to rain again while everyone danced the night away under the fairy lights and stars. If you haven’t danced in the rain you absolutely should in this lifetime. I learnt that her new Macedonian surname meant ‘carnation’. If you knew her she is as sweet as any flower so fate worked itself beautifully by connecting these souls. Thank you to the lovely Peta Hood for assisting, as always xx

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    So gorgeous.

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