One of the greatest privileges of being both a photographer and a midwife is that people I adore invite me to be part of intimate happenings on this journey called life. I never take this privileged invitation for granted. Nor do I expect such an invitation from everyone I know. This family is very special to me. I have had the honour of documenting their wedding and both of their births. One of my favourite images to date is after the birth of their first born, the moment they discovered he was indeed a he. This time I captured a similar moment, when the mamma discovered she had birthed a girl. Seriously, how amazing is that?! With permission I have included that photo in this post. These photos were taken in their home over a series of 3 weeks; beginning at 39 weeks pregnant, a few moments after the birth and the very next day as they gathered together on the family bed, relishing in the normality of pregnancy, birth and welcoming Olive.

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