Its funny how things work out. Its funny how they work out exactly as they should be. not how we think they should be. Peta is a friend/client/fellow photographer. Recently she was second shooting a wedding for me in Northern NSW and decided to take the opportunity to update her family photos. Over the course of the weekend I spent time with them, documenting them as they are. We had actually discussed in depth what we both wanted from the session. Well it didn’t happen either way. It happened the way it happened and it was perfect.

Shortly after they arrived we jumped in the car and headed to field of flowers to catch the setting sun. This time of day just happens to be breast feeding time for Piper, so what do you do, let the kid breast feed :) I honestly told them to just ‘be’ a family. So that is what they did.┬áThe second part of the blog is a couple of days later, sunrise at Lennox Heads. This day was really significant to their family. One year earlier to the day they packed up their life in Brisbane and headed up North for a simpler life. She wanted to celebrate the year that was by watching the sun rise with her beloveds.

So over the weekend we walked through fields of flowers; watched the sun set and rise; drank coffee (as you will see Am had a ‘big’ baby chino, which are new and exciting to her world); ate breakfast on the beach; did lots of breast feeding (Piper obviously!) ; made daisy chains; finger knitted; floated paper boats; threw fairy dust; and swam in a tea tree lake. As I took each photo I was mesmerized by the different shades of red hair I was documenting. I love light. I love how it changes the mood, the perspective, the subject. I hope these images make you feel like you were there with us, living and loving life.

your thoughts?

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