“In the flush of loves light, we dare be brave. And we suddenly see that love costs all we are, and will ever be. Yet it is only love that sets us free” Maya Angelou

I have only known this family for a short time, but what I have learnt from them as a family unit is hard to put into words. Andrea wouldn’t know it, but she has inspired/empowered me so many times as a mother in just the passing little comments she makes. She is the definition of superwoman. She has birthed, breastfed and is currently mothering SEVEN beautiful and respectful children (okay, no doubt they have their moments, in fact, I may or may not have seen a few from Nicki). I run around in circles some days trying to function and organise my family of four, and she just does it so gracefully for a family of nine! I am jealous of her abilities. She once said to me that she was a much better mother of seven children then she was of two. That blew me away then she said it and still does now. What a woman. This family session was a gift from her husband. I am thankful she chose me to document her “beautiful mess”, as she called them while we were shooting :) xx



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