Life is Beautiful Photography

“I am constantly trying to communicate something incommunicable, to explain something inexplicable, to tell about something I only feel in my bones” Franz Kafka

What’s in a name? Well to me, a lot. Deciding on a name for your business is so personal, and kind of important. It was so hard for me, because for me it’s not just a business. My personal life, my beliefs, my art, my clients, my visions – they all kind of intertwine together. My business name use to be different. It was something else I use to be. It was the beginning of my becoming as a photographer. But 10 years later it just didn’t fit right anymore. I had changed dramatically, so had my work. It will be forever changing of course, but not too far from the foundation it’s on now. I sat on it for over 6 months, the name change thing. I weighed up the pros and cons of changing my name when I was already known as something. Then one day it came and didn’t leave. I was asked to photograph a family that was saying goodbye to their baby girl; who for many reasons I won’t share was leaving with her adoptive parents that afternoon. I photographed her mum and dad in hospital saying goodbye to their sweet girl. As a mother I can only imagine the gut wrenching pain this would cause. But I watched her mum and dad humbly and gracefully bathe her, dress her and love her. Of course you could see the sadness, but that wasn’t the tangible feeling in the room. What were tangible was love and hope and promise. It was after that the name ‘life is beautiful’ was born. Because life is beautiful. It’s also rough and hard and painful, but more importantly it’s oh so beautiful. I have since photographed the funeral of this sweet little girl. I think about her family all the time. This family will forever hold a place in my heart.

About my work. Honest love. This is what I photograph for.  To truthfully document organic, real and imperfect love. My purpose is always to tell the story of people being themselves. Truthfully. Blemishes and all. Because after all, there is nothing more truthful or beautiful than that.

About me. I strive to live a life uncommon; I am a mother; I savour life intensely; I love passionately; I am a wife; I long to live a life of love and love like my Creator loves; I collect vinyl records and I believe imperfection is utterly beautiful (that’s me in a nutshell).